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NBM: Frequently Asked Questions

Outside of Mears and Reference Room

Frequently Asked Questions

Is printing available in the library?

Yes! Printing is available for free for students. There are three printers in the library: one in the computer lab, one in the copy room by the offices, and one downstairs in the writing center. The printer in the copy room can also scan and email documents. Local patrons are charged 10 cents per printed page. 


Are there computers for students to use?

Yes, the library has a full computer lab on the main level for students to log on to, as well as two computers in the lobby for general use. 


What is the writing center and where can I find it?

The writing center is where students can go to have any of their writing checked for grammar or content by fellow students. It is located in the lower level of the library in the southeast corner. For more information go to the writing center's webpage.


What are the archives?

The archives are where documents and objects pertaining to the University of Sioux Falls' history. Some of the most notable documents are a complete collection of the University's yearbooks, student newspapers, and student magazines. Because of the age of many of these documents, special care needs to be taken when viewing them. For more information visit the archive page.


Where can I study quietly?

While Mears Library is very rarely a loud place, we do host events every now and then. A guaranteed place that will always be quiet are the study rooms located in the lower level. These rooms can also be used as a private place to study for individuals or small groups. Due to their popularity, reserve a room to secure your study time.